The CLIENT receives the property in optimum conditions of cleanliness and order, and is obliged to take care of the same, as well as the garden with its furniture, in a correct manner. If the CLIENT should observe any damage or anomaly, he/she must inform the CLIENT when handing over the keys.

The CLIENT must leave and return the gîte in an acceptable state of cleanliness and with all the furniture and belongings in the same condition as they were when they entered the gîte. It is expressly requested to keep the furniture and belongings in their original places.

At the end of their stay, the OWNER will check the property and its contents, as well as its cleanliness and tidiness, in the presence of the guests.




In the RESERVATION, the CLIENT must detail the number of adults and children who will be staying in the house. In order for the reservation to be made, 20% of the total amount must be paid by bank transfer or credit card. EL MOLINO DE COBISA does not undertake to keep or reserve the house if the payment of 20% of the total amount has not been made and will remain available for other possible reservations.

The remaining 80% is payable up to 3 working days before arrival at the accommodation.

This 20% reservation deposit will also be used as a DEPOSIT to guarantee the repair of any possible damage, and will be applied to the price if at the end of your stay when you return the keys the house is in the same condition as when you handed it over.

If the property suffers any damage caused by the CLIENT, said damage will be repaired or the amount of the repair will be paid by the CLIENT. In this case, the part necessary to cover the costs of repair or replacement of elements that allow the cottage to be returned to its original state will be deducted from the deposit.

If the cost of the repair or replacement of these objects is higher than the deposit, the Deposit will not be returned and the payment of the damages will be left pending, until the damage has been assessed and subsequently settled.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If the reservation is cancelled with a minimum of 15 days notice, 50% of the reservation will be refunded. With less than 15 days notice, the reservation will NOT be refunded.




The CLIENT undertakes to act with the utmost civility, respecting the environment, calm, nature, cleanliness, the order of the accommodation and the general rules of coexistence. Any activity that disturbs the normal coexistence of the community in which the accommodation is located is strictly prohibited, such as loud music, noise. Parties... that may provoke well-founded complaints from neighbours.

The CLIENT and all persons staying at the country house EL MOLINO DE COBISA are subject to the coexistence regulations in force in the municipality of COBISA (TOLEDO), specifically the Regulatory Ordinance Nº5 "Regulatory Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence" of the Town Council of Cobisa (Toledo).

In addition, other rules of use and coexistence are established:

1st- Respect, at all times, for calm and rest, as well as coexistence with neighbours and the environment. For this reason, noise from 12 midnight until 9 a.m. is prohibited (except for the typical noise of a conversation in the garden or inside the house, but no loudspeakers or loud music after that time). Daytime noise levels must also be appropriate to the environment. The use of karaokes and amplifiers is not permitted. In case of non-compliance, the owners reserve the right to vacate the house and report it to the Guardia Civil. Article 10 of the aforementioned Ordinance Nº5 of the Town Council of Cobisa (Toledo) specifically states the following:

"Noise: All citizens are obliged to respect the rest of their neighbours and to avoid the production of noise that disturbs normal coexistence".

2º- The CUSTOMER must be diligent and careful in the consumption of electricity, heating, water, firewood, as well as the security of the building. In this regard, the CUSTOMER must make sure that the entrance door and windows are properly closed, especially when leaving, just as they would do in their own home.

3º- It is forbidden to leave rubbish in the house, garden or in the street next to the entrance door. The CLIENT undertakes to dispose of their rubbish bags in one of the rubbish bins in the municipality. Specifically, when leaving the house there are bins on the right and left hand side. There is also another one in front of the building about 100 metres from the front door.

4º- The CLIENT shall respect the furnishings and installations of the property, and shall not move the furniture, electrical appliances or equipment from their original place. In the event of any breakdown or breakage, the caretakers or owners of the house will be informed as soon as possible. We want all our guests, as well as you, to find maximum comfort and cleanliness.

5º- Due to the location of the property (in the centre of the municipality) the use of any kind of pyrotechnic material (firecrackers, flares, rockets, and all kinds of pyrotechnic articles) is strictly forbidden.

6º- In the event of evidence of VANDALISM, NOISE, ALBOROTO, FOUND COMPLAINTS FROM NEIGHBOURS or IMPRUDENT USE of the property and its contents, the owners reserve the right to terminate the rental contract at any time, and the tenants must leave the property immediately.

7º- The OWNER reserves the right to refuse or cancel stays that do not comply with the rules of coexistence, at any time and without the possibility of reimbursement.

8º- The OWNER is not responsible for the personal belongings left in the property by the CLIENTS, as well as for the objects they may have forgotten.

9º- If the CLIENT should have to leave the house, for any reason, before the date previously contracted, they will not be entitled to a total or partial refund of the amount paid.

10º- The CLIENT staying with a pet will be responsible, at all times, for the actions and damages of the animal. In addition, they shall prevent the pet from climbing on the armchairs and beds.




CLIENTS are responsible for keeping the house properly locked in their absence, preventing the entry of outside personnel.

The accommodation will be exclusively occupied by registered persons. It is completely forbidden to accommodate people who are not registered. The house and its facilities are for the exclusive use of the people who are staying, in the case of invitations and as long as they do not spend the night, the owner must be informed.

The garden must be kept perfectly clean, without littering cigarette butts, papers, etc., and the plants in the garden must be respected. Pet owners must pick up after their pets.




The heating and air conditioning system heats the whole house by means of radiators and is included in the price of the stay. It should be used responsibly and appropriately, keeping the thermostat at a suitable temperature.

Heating, various household appliances and multimedia equipment provide comfort and convenience to the guests of the house. Enjoy them and make a rational use of them, they are resources with an important economic and ecological cost, and their control will allow us to maintain attractive prices.

Lights should be kept off in those rooms of the house that are not in use, in order to promote energy saving. Particular attention should be paid to the garden and front porch lights, which are usually left on.




1º- Check-in time is from 16:00 on the agreed day.

2º- Departure time, by courtesy of the house, is 13:00 noon on the agreed day.




For access to the accommodation, it is compulsory to present the ID card or passport of all persons for whom the house has been booked. It is compulsory for each traveller, over 16 years of age, to fill in and sign a travellers' registration form, which EL MOLINO DE COBISA will communicate to the judicial authorities.




It is not allowed the access of more people than those stated in the reservation data and Check-in documents, and who have not been previously registered in the register of travellers. Unauthorised visits to the facilities (house, swimming pool, gardens ....) are prohibited without the prior approval of MOLINO DE COBISA.




The payment of the accommodation does NOT give the right, under any circumstances, to use the accommodation to organise parties, stag and hen parties, weddings, communions or events or meetings that have not been expressly authorised by the management.




Theft, loss, damage that clients may suffer. Accidents arising from the use of the swimming pool and other facilities. Involuntary cuts in electricity, water or gas supplies. Works carried out by other companies in the vicinity that may affect the client's stay. Those produced by any type of major, natural or similar cause that prevent the enjoyment of the facilities.

The breakage of a household appliance or any other appliance must be reported immediately to the owner or the caretakers of the house, in order to notify the Technical Service with due diligence.


MANDATORY COMPLIANCE WITH THE RULES: The client and his companions will comply with the above-mentioned rules. Failure to do so will be grounds for immediate abandonment of the facilities by all occupants without reimbursement of the amount paid for the stay and the deposit.